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It's F8 on mine for the boot menu, I use it frequently to boot between my Win 7 and Linux installations which are on separate hard drives.
Going to try some Puppy Linux boot options to see if it makes a difference, and also going to try the flash disk on my other PC's. Have never booted Puppy Linux on this PC so not sure if it's a incompatibility there, will try it on the PC I usually boot Puppy Linux and Parted Magic on and see if it works there.

Odd, just tried the flash disk on another PC and it boots fine. At least I know now where the problem lies, I will troubleshoot it a bit tonight. My first thoughts are some sort of incompatibility in the BIOS settings, although I have never had problems booting from USB on this PC, Puppy Linux may be not liking something.
I will experiment a little and report back in case anyone else has the same problems.

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