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Originally Posted by killergorilla
Xbox emulation is pretty much awesome now (for the 16bit era anyway) I'm just waiting for the Zsnexbox guy to sort out the screen resizing options as it's almost impossible to get non-stretched screens.
Use Latest ZsnexBox 2.99b2

Use 10x11 pixel aspect ratio, no hardware or software filtering and set screen to
Width: 642.449999
Height: 481.140000

There you have it.
I can't take credit for this, a guy called Cospefogo at Xboxscene discovered this.

About the hdf's I edit startup-sequence too to boot game straight up, you should try Jaguar XJ220 and and then try and save your progress then you'll see what I mean.
In the WHD version it redirects to disk 3 when saving game but with WinUAEX it only detects the DF0:???? disk.

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