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Ahhh Tunes Make you play more easily

My Faveourite was the Zip stick too! (still have 2 now but don't use real amiga anymore )

i also tried cheetah 125, Comp pro's (the last i had was the crystal blue / chrome shaft/buttons one it shatterd very easily when i chucked it at the wall) My Friend and I were very competative at kick off-Goal/sensi Loosing was a matter to bash/break/snap/throw your joystick.

The Arcade stick pictured in one of the other messages was also very good.

I thought all suncom joysticks sucked big time as did Quickshot lower than II even the qsII+Turbo the Skeleton microswitches where crap at which time i stopped using em! i also tried the Master system/Mega drive controllers but playing goal/sensi was nigh on impossible!

The worst joysticks of the lot where leaf switchers they where pants (ie cheetah 125+) etc some where so bad i don't even want to remeber them

Special Mention goes to Konix speedking they where good for certain games but again not for footy games! anyone remeber the endurance test they did with the drill and a waggle game???
it still holds the record i bet

Also what was looking good was the Konix gamesystem i dunno the name now but was in Ace Computer magazine (still have some of those ) it was gonna be a new console that had 3 modes 1: Bike sim mode, 2: Yoke/driving mode 3: shootem up games. Eventually it came out as a controller for PC but looked too cheap to buy!

Maybe one or two rusty memory's here
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