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Floppy disk GameBase Amiga - Files and Torrents [UPDATED: 2006-06-06]


There are three Games packs right now, one with the original v1.0 games and updates for v1.1 and v1.2, please note that all packs use the folder structure GameBase Amiga started using with v1.1 and files that were replaced in v1.2 and v1.1 are not present in the v1.1 and v1.0 packs respectively.

Total filesizes:
  • GameBase Amiga - Games (v1.0 for Database v1.2 or higher): 530 MBytes
  • GameBase Amiga - Games (Update v1.0 to v1.1 for Database v1.2 or higher): 441 MBytes
  • GameBase Amiga - Games (Update v1.1 to v1.2): 211 MBytes
RAR fileparts on the mass hosts are currently 49.5 MBytes each and interchangable (that is, you can use files from different hosts together).

Download options:

The following download links might stop working at any time and the host(s) might try to do bad things to you and your computer, like show you indecent ads or install spyware on your computer. You've been warned, so use them at your own risk and with care.

For other (and safe) GameBase Amiga related downloads (including the database itself) visit the GameBase Amiga homepage. Also look there for general information on GameBase Amiga (prerequisites, known problems, credits, etc.).

GameBase Amiga homepage:

That's all folks.

Report problems and broken links to the forum or the #mage channel on Please keep in mind though that the availability of mass host downloads may vary. So don't report every tiny problem (like delays while downloading) as I can probably do nothing about them anyways.

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