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Hi Belgarath, thank you for your fast reply!
I put the correct path for SPS (I was not clear in my previous post...): I don't have whdload and sps folders in the "extra" directory, but I have 2 directories: \whdload\whdload, and \SPS\SPS. I added the \whdload and \SPS paths to the extra path configuration (for whdload works fine).
By the way I will try to use the standard Gamebase Amiga directory structure...

The problem is that when winuae starts, the "Gamebase Amiga.uae" configuration file doesn't seems to be loaded for SPS games: if I manually load the configuration, I can find the correct sps file in the virtual drive, and I can play the game!
So Gamebase Amiga write the correct path\game in the winuae configuration, but winuae doesn't load it automatically...

I don't understand why this happens, since adf games works fine

Do you think i'ts better to uninstall GBA, install it again ad reconfigure it from the beginning?

Thank you
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