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Originally Posted by colourwheel64 View Post
If Hipoonios made himself more approachable then studio Preyo would be more likely to work with him. Swearing and hot-headedness is not going to help him.
I don't think they would work with him under any conditions after he violated their IP, but if he is to respond to them he needs to keep a cool head in any case. But the Studio's first move essentially amounts to intimidation. I think they probably do this sort of thing in unimportant cases that they don't really care about, because it's not worth properly following up but someone might just pay them anyway to avoid any trouble. It's a little underhand but if you throw the gauntlet down then maybe they will pick it up, and then there will be trouble and you will lose. It will probably cost them more than they could get back in the end but they can afford it.

HIpoonios please don't stop making things for the Amiga. Just change the graphics and put it back up with a different title.
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