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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Well it's his game, he can describe it how he wants. Don't understand why you have a problem with that.
Well, let's not get carried away. It was created using backbone, which only makes one type of game.

I mean, the creative part of Backbone is providing your own characters and enemies, which in this case are smurfs, which he ripped without permission.

It isn't fair to say that Hipoonios owns any part of Smurfs rescue really, except maybe the 5mins it took to piece it all together.

For those that don't know, this is backbone.
[ Show youtube player ]

(Not to be confused with backbone.js)

Originally Posted by Marmes View Post
This guy worked for free, for that Peyo company!

People think Hipoonios is a 13 year old kid for comments like this.

He's a 36 year old adult.

You can't make things using other people's intellectual property and expect them to be grateful.

You absolutely must ask for permission for you release anything that uses a brand that doesn't belong to you.

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