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I'm sorry for how I came across earlier, and I'm sorry that I announced that, "I'm through with this thread." I didn't mean it. Its just a shame when people ignore good advice and car-crash anyway.

If Hipoonios made himself more approachable then studio Preyo would be more likely to work with him. Swearing and hot-headedness is not going to help him.

Maybe if Hipoonios began with a letter of apology, and also sought advice from a law centre.

There's no getting away from the fact that he infringed copyright and has now made it a public spectacle.


TBH if I was from the company then I'd be delighted that Hipoonios has presented himself as aggressive and immature. There'd be no deal. just drag him through the court and leave him out to dry for all to see.

If he'd just change his attitude.

If he described his game as 'fun to create' and 'educational' instead of 'shitty' and 'crappy'.
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