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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
I think only Bernd Schmidt has done more for us than Toni, but I hope he continues, there's not a lot wrong with WinUAE from a users prospective, but I'm sure from Toni's there's a hell of a lot left to do/fix up.
Bernd and few others. Doing something complex from scratch is always very big task.

Is this to fix the windows 10 problem? If so it doesn't work for me.
Fix does not exist. Microsoft needs to fix it or update documentation (if something has changed, but I don't think so, MS never breaks backwards compatibility unless there are security reasons.) WinUAE does everything as latest documentation says, enumeration and registeration succeeds, but all actual events are missing. Failing enumeration or registeration would have automatically forced winuae to fallback to directinput mode.

It probably is Windows bug, game controller "raw hid" rawinput mode is very rarely used. I'll need to check if other kind of usb devices (like drawing tables) also fails to report any raw events in Windows 10.

But I am now back to 8.1, Microsoft or Nvidia first needs to fix guaranteed total system hang when running most games. (My hardware config is not that common, GTX980 SLI + 3 display portrait nvidia surround, 100Hz refresh rate with lightboost. Previous Windows 10 build did work fine but I also didn't have 980s yet, only 680s and old version had another bad bug, quitting any vmware vm = instant hang)
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