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Originally Posted by Snake79 View Post
Hello. How to setup Toccata in AmigaOS4.1FE? I have set Toccata Z2 sound card emulation in Expansions tab and transfered toccata.library (v14 or v12) to Libs, but without success... I still don't have Toccata in AHI Prefs... What else i have to do? Please help
EDIT: Ok, i have downloaded and transfered files from ppc-amigaos-ahiusr.lha and m68k-amigaos-ahidrv-6.0.lha to the right locations and then Toccata appeared in AHI Prefs, but still don't have any sound...
Thats normal.
I get this too. AHI prefs doesnt give out sound randomly.
If I go to tunenet, I get sound fine with Toccata selected.
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