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I don't suppose huffy is a non-lossy format supporting low colour depths? I've been looking for such a thing. DivX isn't too good on this kind of video, it's far better suited towards movies.

Currently I'm using the animGIF format to preserve Amiga captures, which is a real headache when it's a long clip.

Originally posted by bippym
What is the max size of uncompressed data can be stored at once?

I think it is about 2Gb can anyone confirm/clarify please
I'm sure Virtualdub has broken the barrier on 2GB. However UAE is more than likely using standard AVI spec when saving out, which means it will indeed have a 2gb barrier.

If huffy is the format I think it is though, this will be an ideal solution. Non-lossy compression on the fly will ensure you'll never hit 2gb, but you also won't lose quality. No doubt it'll be a low compression ratio, but that is to be expected.
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