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Re: What happend to?

Originally posted by ElectroBlaster
What happend to these guys:

...just like another couple of blokes called Urban shakedown did with octamed and 2 x a500's!

Also! one of the later amiga formats did a special on music production using amiga's and one of the writers put his money where his mouth was and had some vynil records of his music pressed up! anyone ever get to hear what he did?

I think Urban Shakedown changed their name to Union Jack and recorded for Platipus Records.

As for the later, I am sure you are talking about Tony Horgan, ex Editor in Chief of CU Amiga Magazine. I met with Tony once (in WOA 99) and discussed many issues. I bought both the Vinyl and the CD version of his music and yes, they were amazing. He put a lot of effort in that...
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