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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
You find enough gameplay flaws in the 2D Mario games, e.g. annoying situations were you have to jump exactly at the (nearly) last pixel of a platform to reach to next. And if you look closely some of them doesn't scroll perfectly smooth. Or the repetitive level design only with different graphics. They are great games, but they are cleary not untouchable classics. I prefer the Disney platformer or the Bonk games.
I wouldn't consider pixel perfect jumping requirements as an annoyance, but rather a sign a quality design. A pure platform game with tight controls is bound to have really challenging parts. The important thing is that if you fail to make the jump then it's because the player screwed up and not as a result of dodgy sprite collision. I think the Mario games absolutely get this right. I do agree though that they aren't "untouchable classics". I don't think anything is.
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