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Originally Posted by freehand View Post
No but what I was expecting was nothing as pathetic as to what commodore come out with.

I bought used DX2 50 for much less.
I wouldn't say it was pathetic, but it was underpowered sure, but as we all know, the AAA chipset got delayed and Commodore made some big errors with the CDTV, A600 etc and lost alot of money, and had to get some money back, so rather wait another 2 years until the chipset was ready they got the AA chipset out the door.
Ultimately the success of the A500 was Commodore's downfall, as it was selling so well, they were inevitably getting behind the competition for the next generation, Commodore were stuck behind a rock and a hardplace, in hindsight the AA chipset should have come out in 1990 to compete with the early VGA games, then AAA in 1994/5, but the success of the A500 delayed any early release of new chipsets for another 2 years until it was too late. But the A1200 and CD32 still had some decent games in hindsight, graphically still 16-bit most of the time, but fun to play and that's what matters.
As an Amiga owner during that time, i can hand on heart say i only missed out playing Doom, i don't feel i missed out on game wise from the PC, the Amiga exclusives and first releases more than made up for that one game. 1995 brought me the PS1 and so any decent 3D games on the PC were on that. I have no love for PC gaming even today, with its incompatibilities in games and hardware its still laughable*...

*i say laughable, i mean hair pulling, piss taking annoying, when you buy a game/s, and mice and neither work on your laptop.
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