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Originally Posted by eva View Post
Then there's Sonic on SEGA - which, let's say it is one of the better ones. However, it also benefited from a lot of advertisement. In fact, I like very few platform games from consoles - I used to play a lot of Donkey Kong with my ex on the SNES.
The Sonic games (Sonic 1 to 3, Sonic & Knuckles) and Donkey Kong Country 1-3 were great fun to play. Great music, awesome colourful visuals and were fairly challenging to complete. I had to use a guide to complete DKC1 101% (yes, one hundred and one percent) to find all the secret areas.

Originally Posted by eva View Post
I wonder how many people actually "finished" a game like Golden Axe, Ninja Turtles, Mario or Donkey Kong - I mean like really finish, from start to end credits. I am not sure I could do it even today.
Ninja Turtles was very hard and annoying, but I managed it... once only. Golden Axe was hard, however it's one of those games that you get further each time the more you play it. Learning to take out the small guys before taking on the bigger ones definitely helps.
Mario... I completed Super Mario World with everything unlocked (all secret star road areas, and all secret areas), however I have failed to complete Yoshi's Island with everything unlocked. I just have a few levels to unlock in the last area.
Donkey Kong Country I mentioned above, but I did get a chance to play the Donkey Kong Game & Watch game thanks to a mate back in the 1980s.

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Lithium button cell batteries leakes rarely. They lose energy after 5-10 years, easy to replace.
That is sort of true. I heard that console cartridge batteries recharge their energy if played regularly. For example, I have played Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country 1-3, F-Zero and Mario-Kart games on my SNES atleast once every 2 years - these games are around 20 years old and I have NOT replaced the batteries in them. Either they are using flash-ram (as I think Mrs Beanbag touched on) or the batteries are indeed rechargeable.

As a sidestory and a safety warning, someone on an email list I'm on had to replace a battery in one of his game cartridges. He was trying to solder it back onto the cartridge circuitboard and wasn't wearing a safety visor. He kept trying and trying and it wouldn't solder on. The battery was getting hot so he decided to put a safety visor on and went about trying to solder it onto the circuitboard one more time when the tiny battery exploded sending nasty chemicals everywhere. He had a very close call, battery acid is nasty stuff.

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