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Okay. I created a stripped version of my usual HDF, removing all unnecessary files and zeroing out free space. I have uploaded it to
~437KB, XZ-compressed tar archive. [hxxp -> http, remove ! from URL]

The stripped-down HDF does show the crash problem (in Wine and Windows Vista).

Disable JIT in the two configs I attached above first.

Run WinUAE. Load the my_test_uaegfx.uae config. Start emulation. Workbench boots. That config's window size is smaller than the 1024x768 HighGFX WB screen so all you'll see is the Workbench pattern.

Wait until booting finishes then press F12. Load my_test_JIT_uaegfx.uae. If WinUAE doesn't crash, quit and repeat the procedure.

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