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Originally Posted by AF2013 View Post
I double Click on WinUAE then Quickstart and select Model A1200 with Basic non expanded configuration then I select Amiga rom 2.0 then I select CD Drive/image then Select Applications or games then Select ok as it should run but it doesn't!

Am I missing somethings!?
It wont work, if you dont have a cd filesystem/device mounted.
Simply selecting disc/image will do nothing.

If its a CD32 game, then it will work with CD32 quickstart as CD32 had all the drivers etc etc in the rom. A1200 doesn't.

I use a copy of my real A1200 HDD and altered it to work with UAEScsi device. So it mounts that instead of atapi.device, which my real Amiga uses to see CD-ROM drive.
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