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Originally Posted by eva View Post
I wanted to chime in on this one... I've played a lot of SNES / SEGA platform games and they were very bad. I guess that a lot of console stuff is wrapped in a bunch of advertisement. I remember Mario and it was really terrible. It became very popular indeed but if you contrast it to say, right about any Amiga platform game, Mario really sucks. Compare Mario to a game like Gods or Twin World and see the difference.
I know it's subjective etc, but I don't know how anyone can come to the conclusion that any platform games on Amiga are better than the 2D Mario games. To me they are the pinnacle of perfect platform game mechanics. Don't mistake me for a Mario/Nintendo fanboy either because I'm not, but Super Mario World for example is just a brilliantly crafted game that, to me is head and shoulders above any comparable Amiga attempt at the genre.

You also seem to be suggesting that their success is largely based on advertising/hype? This really isn't the case. Those games have stood the test of time for a reason.
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