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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
- Master volume is now real master volume control. Paula, CD and AHI are sub-volume controls.
- Toccata Paula (AUX2 input) volume control implemented. Not tested.
Great - tested and works.Just fired up a paula player and moved the aux2 slider in prefs. Any chance we will see that for CD volume on aux1 audio,too?

And I want to mention that if you listen to a mod in Delitracker and start/quit OctamedSS at the same time, the audio is muted.
Both programs are set to use Toccata directly. I did not load or play any sound in OctamedSS. If I select a Paula noteplayer in DT and go back to Toccata it starts playing sound again.

Is that a normal behavior of octamed to mute on quit or a flaw in the emulation of the soundcard?
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