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One of the funny things I remember is how I was still stuck on the Amiga while others moved on to the PC and they were talking about 3D graphics. I remember I just couldn't really understand what they meant with "3D" - after all I was playing Wings on the Amiga which was very much in 3D - all three axes, with full collisions in "mid air". I was majorly disappointed when Duke Nukem came out and, even if it advertised itself as 3D, I could not really see any difference - first time I played it in a PC store and was like "that's it? that's 3D?"... Amiga games made clever use of textures and shadows to give a "3D" impression which was quite good.

You had sort-of hybrids that you simply could not get on consoles. Stuff like Haegar the Horrible (and The Lost Vikings which also appeared on the PC) which were sort-of platforms but they had a twist to it - you could shop, buy stuff, equipment, etc... Stuff like Aladdin on consoles was fun, but in the end it was a "Disney platform game" - it did not have much added, except the between-level cutscenes where you could get some life or stuff like that. Haegar the Horrible had in-game stores, custom weapons, etc... After playing "Titus the Fox" or Prehistorik on the Amiga, I did of course enjoy "Earthworm Jim" on consoles.

Back then you also had a little more variety - for a very long while games started to be easily classified: first person, shooter, platform game, RPG, etc... It is just these days (2012+) that new "indie" games start to appear where you get games with a twist.

I have to say that after I moved from the Amiga to a PC I have not seen "Marble Madness", "Spindizzy Worlds" or a very rudimentary but awesome game like "Sentinel", until say, one-two years ago or so with "experimental" stuff like "Portal" or "A Story About My Uncle"... These are "indie" hits and got popular very fast - but what can I tell you, it's not new, go back 20 years and play Spindizzy Worlds. Sure, it's not "3D" (it actually is!) but yeah, it is a hybrid top-down puzzle game and with a twist that you would not have seen in the last 10 years on the PC...
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