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Changing to full-screen mode when pause when mouse uncaptured crashes

Testing WinUAE 3.0.0 on Windows Vista SP2 32-bit, Nvidia graphics driver. Same issue with 3.1.0b6.

Run WinUAE. Enable pause when mouse uncaptured then start emulation. Press middle mouse button to uncapture mouse then double-click window title bar to change to full-screen mode. WinUAE crashes. Get same crash if you press F12 while emulation is running, change from Windowed to Fullscreen in display settings then click OK.

Another more minor issue: run WinUAE, enable pause when mouse uncaptured and full-screen mode. Start emulation. Press F12 and change to Windowed mode. WinUAE opens the emulation window on the desktop, but the mouse is uncaptured so emulation is paused. I think in that case (full-screen mode with mouse captured when you press F12), WinUAE should remember that the mouse was captured and automatically capture it on opening the desktop window.

There are other cases where that happens; e.g. in windowed mode with emulation running, if you press F12 and change graphics API, on clicking OK to continue emulation the mouse is uncaptured so emulation is paused.

Edit: Same crash bug with WinUAE 2.6.1. There double-clicking title bar maximises window, doesn't change to full-screen mode. So that doesn't crash. Pressing F12, change to full-screen mode and clicking OK does crash.

WinUAE 2.5.1b1 seems to be the first version with the bug. 2.5.0 is okay.

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