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Lots of good advice here. All easily resolved without much effort, although I can't believe such things are still going on in 2015! Simply ensure that whatever URL triggered their automated "potential IP infrigement" alarm (which they should have flagged up in their initial email) will be clean next time they check - and they will. So remove the page altogether, causing a 404. Problem solved. No direct contact with them required.

My battles with the IDSA while running the Lazarus Amiga emulation site *18 YEARS AGO* are well documented (via a Google search). We were constantly plagued by generic cease and desist emails, generated by automated crawler bots that had matched search terms found on our site, to IP belonging to clients they represented. The language used in these was designed to scare, in much the same way as a traditional "red letter"/"final notice" demand... The worst thing you could do was to reply...

Anyway. To be fair, we actually carried many things that could be said to genuinely infringe (although our defence was always "prove this is what you say it is and then we'll talk" - a daring stance with a 100% success-rate, of which I'm still proud) but it soon became clear that hosting files with names like "" meant we were essentially holding a red rag up to a.. erm.. an.. IP-protection bot.. bull... of sorts...

That was then. By now, I'd hope that things are altogether more sophisticated. Apparently not - I'm sure that this is the same sort of mistaken identity ritual I so regularly went through all that time ago. If it is, it's safe to ignore it... but perhaps it's best to make certain? There's one way to find out - let's put something else up on that lawyer-baiting URL...

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