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Originally Posted by eva View Post
I remember Mario and it was really terrible. It became very popular indeed but if you contrast it to say, right about any Amiga platform game, Mario really sucks. Compare Mario to a game like Gods or Twin World and see the difference.
we already have compared Mario with Gods, and quite a lot of us concluded that Gods is terrible. well i agree with several others that such a comparison isn't really fair because it's not the same sort of game even though both have platforms. But the only thing you can "see" where Gods is better than Mario is the graphics. Clearly there is far more to any game than just that, which is why i can't stand to play any of the latest Shootymans games. I can have a lot of fun playing Mario but playing Gods seems more like work. Even when it comes to graphics, Gods only looks better in stills, if you see it move it is quite plain to the eye that it has a terrible frame rate.

The Lion King didn't even get good reviews in its own day, so i don't know why you pick on that one in particular. Nobody is claiming all console platform games were brilliant.

Twin Worlds however is a very nice game.

Platform games never really had a "save" function, so you ended up having to restart if you had to leave which just made it even more frustrating and very annoying.
Obviously consoles couldn't save anything at all without any disk drive, and before flash cards were invented. Later on games started using codes so that you could restart roughly where you left off. Interesting how few Amiga games allowed you to save anything though, well it was always recommended to write protect your original disks in any case, that's how viruses spread i guess.

Then again, a lot of titles from consoles are also available on the Amiga, except those mentioned before: Blues Brothers, Addams Family, Another World, Cool Spot, James Pond, Ghouls and Ghosts, Moonwalker, Prince of Persia, and those are probably just a few.
Often the Amiga conversions were quite bad compared to the console or arcade originals, however there were some exceptions. Toki on the Amiga was far better than the Megadrive version. Rarely an Amiga game was converted to consoles.

I would actually say that Amiga-only platform games were superior and lots of fun. Stuff like Giana Sisters - which just looks like Mario but it is just better in very many ways. Then you have like Chuck Rock - which is very cute, mentioned Gods, Flood, Prehistorik...
I really don't know why anyone would say that Giana Sisters is better than Mario. It is a poor copy, the graphics are certainly no better and it's really lacking a lot of the charm and polish of its Nintendo rival. One of the things that was really fun in Mario is when you jump on the turtle shell and it flies off and knocks over the other bad guys, interestingly the manual for Giana seems to imply it but they apparently never actually put it in the game. Also the way you beat the final boss is just too weird. It's like they released the game unfinished.

Then my all time favourite which is Twin World which is just amazing from all perspectives. There is simply no match possible between Twin World and say, Mario... Compare the graphics or the sound for instance... Not to mention how interesting Twin World is by comparison..
Well i'm with you on Twin World, until you get to "compare the graphics or the sound for instance" and i realise where you're going wrong. Graphics and sound are really minor details, the icing on the cake so to speak, when it comes to a game being enjoyable to play. Simple graphics are fine for simple games (and there is a lot of difference between simple graphics and bad graphics). Bubble Bobble is an eternal favourite.
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