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Do you old folk's like me remember the unofficial Smurf CD's with the voices in the song's on a high pitch, like the Smurf Macarena and so on? I have one of them and there was atleast made a thrilogy of them. I have never heard that the producer behind them got sued and this was a cd given out at the -90ths.

Don't be stupid hipoonios to sign anything or pay the money they sue you for, let a lawyer help you out here. Pity a company like Studio Peyo sue someone and not being flattered by someone making a game for a computer as that old. Shame on them.

Im sure many here have Facebook, so we should have made a page like 'Boycott Studio Peyo' and the reason why, because they sue a nice guy who have made a game for a computer there the hardware is 30 year's old.
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