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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Tell them to fuck off.

Inform them you've removed the game, that you're 13 years old and you promise not to do it again, and please don't tell my granddad as he's recently had to adopt me as both my parents died in an accident a month ago.

Since when the FUCK does sending a letter cost £2000? Normal rates are £40 per letter.

Pay them the fuck nothing.

Is there anything that links you to the name Hipoonios? Its an alias, your website got hacked, you've been away, either way, pay those grasping fuckers ZERO money.

They would have to take you to court in your country.

Cease and desist is fine, trying to extract money as well is taking the piss.

Perhaps if their website was to suffer a 'failure' of some sort, they'd back the fuck off
Aye, not even apple went this far when my theming site got served a cease and desist, . I just removed all the stuff they had issues with and that was that.
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