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Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
Yes, it is true! Remember my crappy Smurf game I made in Backbone just a few weeks ago? "Studio Peyo" (the owners of The Smurfs trademark) have sued me for have creating an unlicensed video game of The Smurfs.

Now I know pretty well that you are not allowed to make unlicensed video games or use others work without permission, but this is just a game made in BACKBONE for a 30 year old computer. LOL... this is insane! I'm sure they don't even know what an Amiga is. And I doubt more than 50 people have downloaded it. How much do you think I must pay for this? ... (see the attached screenshots)

I have seen a lot of other people creating video games with famous characters. Also there are a few in the works (like the Danger Mouse game and Evil Minions etc). Also seen a few unlicensed conversions of games. Now I don't think you have to be worried because I think I know who it was who did this to me. A guy in the community does not like me very much. So I'm sure it was him who told Studio Peyo about it. (nope, I will not mention his name here). There is so many things that makes me suspect that lamer.

So Smurf Rescue and my other game SuperTed (just in case) has been removed. And no more Amiga games from me

Most important: do not sign that "contract" and do not pay any money. Go to your preferred advocate and ask him for advise as soon as possible. Usually he will write a response offering a reduced fee and agreements without future consequences.

If you sign their letter unchanged, they will sue you for 500 Euros everytime you say "smurf" in the public.
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