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Originally Posted by Matze View Post
Of course 90% of the cirrus is standard VGA-stuff and easily implementable for FPGA-Logic, BUT (written very big!):
Even today modern GPU retain old VGA structure...

Originally Posted by Matze View Post
A VGA Chip also handles the digital to analog conversion (DAC) for RGB-Output. Furthermore the VGA-Chips compensates the temperature drift within the DAC to guaranty the color correctness.

Try this with an FPGA!
First this sound odd (this is CL datasheet?), second time when CL was released, only ancient IC technology (when compared to nowadays) was available - previously integration analog and digital at the same die was very challenging - today... today there is no FPGA with DAC integrated (AFAIK) so unavoidable is to use external video DAC - then thermal compensation is not needed. (But i can imagine single bit video DAC similar to single bit audio DAC's - not sure only if with low oversampling ratio it will provide sufficient dynamic)

Originally Posted by Matze View Post
If you want RGB, you need at least a external DAC. If you want to implement DVI /HDMI/DisplayPort you can avoid this, but then the complexity of your FPGA increases. DVI looks simple but it is hard to implement, because you have to deal with a lot of bad designed Monitors...
That's my point - as analog video dying anyway, external HDMI/DP transmitter will be sufficient for almost all customers (high chance that in less than 5 years from now there will be no TV's with analog input at all).

Originally Posted by Matze View Post
Regarding A1k-Image policy:

AFAK that's because of German laws in combination with recent spam-bot attacks:

There have been lawyers, who cooperate with spam-bots, who post illegal stuff. Afterwards the lawyer impeaches the forum to press charges. A very nice and friendly business model! Unfortunately German law is very lawyer friendly in this case and you have little chances to get a fair trial with no costs.

So: No attachments without login and the first five posts are checked by a mod, then you can upload images.

Best regards
Not sure about German law but this sound weird - things you describing is plainly cyber crime and as such is pursued by any normal country.
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