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Of course 90% of the cirrus is standard VGA-stuff and easily implementable for FPGA-Logic, BUT (written very big!):

A VGA Chip also handles the digital to analog conversion (DAC) for RGB-Output. Furthermore the VGA-Chips compensates the temperature drift within the DAC to guaranty the color correctness.

Try this with an FPGA!

If you want RGB, you need at least a external DAC. If you want to implement DVI /HDMI/DisplayPort you can avoid this, but then the complexity of your FPGA increases. DVI looks simple but it is hard to implement, because you have to deal with a lot of bad designed Monitors...

Regarding A1k-Image policy:

AFAK that's because of German laws in combination with recent spam-bot attacks:

There have been lawyers, who cooperate with spam-bots, who post illegal stuff. Afterwards the lawyer impeaches the forum to press charges. A very nice and friendly business model! Unfortunately German law is very lawyer friendly in this case and you have little chances to get a fair trial with no costs.

So: No attachments without login and the first five posts are checked by a mod, then you can upload images.

Best regards
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