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Originally Posted by techguruuk View Post
Got my rapidroad for X-Surf 100 today, seems to have installed ok and showing up in Trident, but getting the following errors and no USB devices will work!

I'm getting identical errors, so I'll try swapping the jumper to Z2 like you did (even though the X-Surf100 is installed in a "Fast" Z2 slot)... I've had no response from the reseller as yet and thought I'd trawl the net in search of answers (looks like I might've found it).

FYI my setup is OS3.9 on a towered A1200 Blizzard 1240/40, Zorro2 CyberGfx, 128MB FAST, XSurf2 (may be dead), 1GB IDE & 20GB SCSI2, CDROM SCSI2, 6X CDRW SCSI2, and new XSurf-100+RapidRoad.

Next step will be getting the XSurf-100 working, but to do that I'll need the USB working to be able to transfer the x-surf drivers to the Amiga...

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