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I wanted to chime in on this one... I've played a lot of SNES / SEGA platform games and they were very bad. I guess that a lot of console stuff is wrapped in a bunch of advertisement. I remember Mario and it was really terrible. It became very popular indeed but if you contrast it to say, right about any Amiga platform game, Mario really sucks. Compare Mario to a game like Gods or Twin World and see the difference.

The first time I played Lion King, it was on the SEGA and it was just terrible. Funky controls, very easy to die, you easily get mauled into a corner and then lose life. It is also available on the Amiga though.

Then there's Sonic on SEGA - which, let's say it is one of the better ones. However, it also benefited from a lot of advertisement. In fact, I like very few platform games from consoles - I used to play a lot of Donkey Kong with my ex on the SNES.

Then you have stuff like Golden Axe (on the arcade), or Ninja Turtles (on the SNES) - I've played those quite a bit. They are available on the Amiga as well - at least Golden Axe is; but they were like very frustrating. Golden Axe is just outright annoying, it goes out of its way to annoy you at every step.

I wonder how many people actually "finished" a game like Golden Axe, Ninja Turtles, Mario or Donkey Kong - I mean like really finish, from start to end credits. I am not sure I could do it even today. Platform games never really had a "save" function, so you ended up having to restart if you had to leave which just made it even more frustrating and very annoying.

Then again, a lot of titles from consoles are also available on the Amiga, except those mentioned before: Blues Brothers, Addams Family, Another World, Cool Spot, James Pond, Ghouls and Ghosts, Moonwalker, Prince of Persia, and those are probably just a few.

I would actually say that Amiga-only platform games were superior and lots of fun. Stuff like Giana Sisters - which just looks like Mario but it is just better in very many ways. Then you have like Chuck Rock - which is very cute, mentioned Gods, Flood, Prehistorik...

Then my all time favourite which is Twin World which is just amazing from all perspectives. There is simply no match possible between Twin World and say, Mario... Compare the graphics or the sound for instance... Not to mention how interesting Twin World is by comparison..
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