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Playing Turrican on the 64 as a kid and a few years later on the amiga was like watching a movie remake in HD.The game itself was basically the same. And as a platformer it is definitely not mediocre. On both systems it has excelent gameplay and graphics. It can even compete with similar games of the genre on other platforms like metroid/megaman on the snes or nes.

But I wouldn't dare to compare with a Donkey Kong,Mario or Sonic.These games might fall into the same category as platformer(jump&run) but they are also totaly different games imho.

And there is the typical 1 button layout for most amiga games. That way it was a lot harder to port a console title that was made for a 6(+2) button snes controller for example. If we only had a CD32 like controller, back in 1985, included in the original A1000 pack. Things would look a little different today.
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