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it seems a lot of folks here had C64s... well i have to say they were also well ahead of their field, i watched some of the Turrican II C64 longplay the other day and was amazed. C64 had smooth hardware scrolling* and hardware sprites, quite unique for its era.

But owners of Sinclair Spectrums, Acorn Electrons, Amstrad CPCs etc didn't have such luxuries. Especially on the Spectrum, any kind of scrolling was a major feat, and that was the most popular machine in this country.

Anyway the bottom line is, 25fps was considered a perfectly acceptable framerate for an early Amiga game. And it's so common on the Amiga that it seems many people still accept it.

*some other 8 bit platforms could do coarse hardware scrolling, or programmers managed to hack smooth scrolling on machines that weren't designed for it

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