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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
I know, this is the most common complaint. I have tried to fix it, the latest version should be much better but it is not uploaded yet. I had tried to make the scrolling "look ahead" in the direction you were going, because the game moves so fast i thought people would want to see more in front of them than behind (i got this idea from Gravity Power, where it was quite useful), but it turned out to exaggerate your movements too much. It is ok sideways i think, but jumping and landing is such a sudden change of velocity that it really throws the camera around.
It is great to know you are still working on this game. Looking forward to your modifications. I think with the minor scrolling changes it will be one of the best platformers for the system.

Think about it. Lionheart will run on OCS. So why was there not such a game in 1987? You can't blame hardware limitations for everything.
Lionheart is very impressive. Although it took every trick in the book to get something that great and there were a few compromises made, such as making screen size smaller. There are a lot of colours on screen but most of those are copper trick to produce gradient which is not massively flexible.

The hardware is certainly very capable but I'd be very surprised if the Amiga 1200 could pull off something like Gunstar Heroes at 50fps.

Plus 50fps hardly ever happened on 8-bit home computer games so even 25fps seemed amazing.
A lot of C64 platformers were certainly 50fps! I tend to find 2D C64 games usually have a better framerate than Amiga games.
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