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I played countless hours of both games so one might think that I enjoyed them equally but the truth is that I suffered through SotB while every second of Turrican2 was an absolute delight. I was a little bit disappointed by the ease with which the T2 bosses were defeated but the joyfulness of the whole ride compensated for it.

The only thing that kept me going through the torturous gameplay of SotB was the hope that the next unpredictable and fun-less trap would be followed by graphics and atmosphere as great as that of the opening world. Alas, the inner worlds of the game were depressingly much less beautiful and enticing than its "front facade", also they were extremely repetitive graphically and their structure pretty bland overall.

I don't think I ever replayed Beast after finishing. On the other hand I've been through T2 at least two times and replayed it many times afterward.

Beast might be a more significant landmark in terms of computer games graphic atmosphere but it's overall a very bad game.

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