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Originally Posted by Cylon View Post

How old is the src in the first post? If you need help with Blitz to speed up things (significantly) i can give some hints. But i hope your actual src doesn't look like that anymore ;-)

It's about 2 years old now. Yeah it was a bit clunky, an early port of sorts of my AMOS code. I had to change quite a lot since then and you wouldn't recognise the code now - not saying it's the best in the world but certainly I streamlined a lot of the stuff that was very 'function specific' and contained individually. As I recall there was some initial trouble getting parts of the code to 'talk to each other' as the functions I was building in became more complicated and affected each other. This led to some short-cuts that I had to improve.
I think the speed I'm getting from it now is decent - that said I'd be happy to talk about it - it can only help my knowledge of the subject; be aware that given the time I have to work on it I'd rather be doing that than talking too much! But shoot =)
I've left the early source there more as a reference that some may find useful for certain things; setting up displays etc. There's also a basic engine posted there - well optimised or not!

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