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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
I have tried to fix it, the latest version should be much better but it is not uploaded yet. I had tried to make the scrolling "look ahead" in the direction you were going, because the game moves so fast i thought people would want to see more in front of them than behind. It is ok sideways i think, but jumping and landing is such a sudden change of velocity that it really throws the camera around.
The effect is sometimes called 'rubber banding'... its mostly caused by the side to side movement... if you study Sonic he's locked in the centre, but his sprite can move upward within the frame, so he'll go so far upward and *then* the screen starts to scroll with him... so perhaps consider locking the sideways movement, and allowing some vertical play instead. i feel like its also a little bit more zoomed in than sonic, making it feel more disorienting... i think it would be a really nice game if this can be resolved, its certainly smooth, fast, and well thought out.

Its a shame it doesn't work better (as a general technique) because your thinking is good, it would be great to see further ahead than behind and some games really benefit from this... I generally dislike games which have the opposite - where you can see 1/3rd (or even less) ahead of you, and most of the screen is behind the player, wasted space... I can think of one very well liked amiga game (a whole series infact) that I find unplayable because of this.

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