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another issue was just the sheer novelty of the system's design. The graphics hardware in consoles were clearly designed around map-based scrolling games with lots of sprites. The Amiga had instead a bitplane-based frame buffer, which was very flexible, and a blitter that could copy data around fast-ish. The problem was, to get smooth map-based scrolling with a lot of action on top, takes a bit of lateral thinking. The obvious way to do things is just to blit everything every frame, and i think that's what a lot of games did. I know that's how i first attempted scrolling when i first started out, hardware scrolling seemed great if you only had a limited area to scroll around in, it never occurred to me at first that you could use the hardware to create an infinite area by wrapping around at the edges, using copper tricks. It's literally "thinking outside of the box". Plus 50fps hardly ever happened on 8-bit home computer games so even 25fps seemed amazing.
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