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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
Think about it. Lionheart will run on OCS. So why was there not such a game in 1987? You can't blame hardware limitations for everything.
Excellent point!

I think this is a human factors issue rather than a technical issue.

Put yourself in the place of a programmer in 1985 considering whether or not to learn the technical details of a new system.

The Atari ST has come out. Will it beat the Amiga or not? Commodore has the Commodore 128. Are they committed to the Amiga? How long will it take to learn the more complex OS? What's Commodore's commitment to programming tools?

The uncertainties held back many programmers.

What's remarkable is how well the hardware held up over the years, despite all the economic, legal, and corporate buffoonery that held the machine back.
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