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Originally Posted by john1979 View Post
I like Mr Beanbag but it makes me feel kind of dizzy after a while of playing. Something about the way the screen scrolls when jumping,
I know, this is the most common complaint. I have tried to fix it, the latest version should be much better but it is not uploaded yet. I had tried to make the scrolling "look ahead" in the direction you were going, because the game moves so fast i thought people would want to see more in front of them than behind (i got this idea from Gravity Power, where it was quite useful), but it turned out to exaggerate your movements too much. It is ok sideways i think, but jumping and landing is such a sudden change of velocity that it really throws the camera around.

I agree back when it came out it was a leader, but by the time the two big 16bit consoles came out it was looking dated in the graphics power department and sound channel department. Too many tricks were needed to make Amiga do things like a console and they never came off as looking as good. Probably lack of on screen color pallette, especially when combined with parallax (see Kid Chaos for example) and lack of hardware sprites (+ they were often being used for backgrounds).
This is all true, but while the 16 bit consoles got games that really pushed the systems from day 1, the Amiga took years to match them. I think you exaggerate the Amiga's limitations a bit, the blitter speed isn't as much of a bind as you'd think, at least i've not been limited by it. The OCS Dual Playfield colour limitation is a pain but Flimbo's Quest for instance shows it needn't ruin the parallax party, and there are still plenty of useful things to do with sprites.

Think about it. Lionheart will run on OCS. So why was there not such a game in 1987? You can't blame hardware limitations for everything.
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