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Amiga was business machine in USA, even some were used until recently by no other then NASA. Also all those weather images toast machines etc... Problem in USA with anything by IBM compatible was software base... amiga did not have good and at good price office package, same thing Apple lacked until MS released MS Office for Mac. That and rest of business programs such as databases etc... even in Germany at work we had PC with DOS and DBase. Used to joke with my boss at the time that my Amiga blows his home PC away, until he got it upgraded to 16MB memory and I saw x-wing running... that moment amiga felt outdated... Soon after that you had games that were far better on PC, like C&C, Warcraft, new LucasArts adventures were PC only and soon after that CD compatible. (The Dig, Full Throttle etc.)

Europe had bit behind console market, but I don't think that was only reason 8 bit flourished there, it was more about option to make your own computer, that I never seen in USA. People here don't like that much to make stuff themselves... Michael Dell exploited that, droped from school and made Dell company...
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