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It's what Galahad said. Over in Europe we had already warmed to the home computer with the old 8-bit machines and once they started to fade people were hungry for more. Also marketing can only go so far, word of mouth and proof of concept are definitely a factor too.

In our art department at school we had the Archimedes with it's basic paint program, when I bought the Amiga 500 to school the art teachers jaw hit the ground, DPaint to her was like witchcraft, it blew her mind when I presented it's animation and perspective functions. Her response, "we must have one of these!". Too late though, already invested in the Archimedes.

I think companies like IBM had the right approach, get your foot in the door with a business machine and grow from there (a perfect breathing space to weather the storm), Commodore never got the traction in that area because it ended up being known more as a games machine.
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