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Originally Posted by watsonfmly View Post
I remember seeing Windows floppy disks at a friends house (he was using them for blanks, it must have been 1.0). I asked "what is that", he said "it's like Workbench for a PC".

Btw, I had an IBM PS/2 model 30. As soon as I saw an Amiga (playing the Newtek demo), I sold my IBM and bought an Amiga 500. That was the best decision I ever made.

I know what you mean

We had an PC10/ or PC20 (dont remember) ( 1986 ) ...
Then ... i saw an Amiga...

I could not believe it.
It was a Quantum leap... and my jaw dropped.

The Sound, The Graphics, A Mouse, Joysticks.. ,plug and play,
No commands, The Games, The Apps O M F G !!!!!! * MINDBLOWN *

I sold the Pc and got an A-500. it was just to awesome to describe !!!!

Nibbler was in heaven

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