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Originally Posted by john1979 View Post

I agree back when it came out it was a leader, but by the time the two big 16bit consoles came out it was looking dated in the graphics power department and sound channel department. Too many tricks were needed to make Amiga do things like a console and they never came off as looking as good. Probably lack of on screen color pallette, especially when combined with parallax (see Kid Chaos for example) and lack of hardware sprites (+ they were often being used for backgrounds).

Amiga 1200 was a leap closer to the consoles. But it needed faster blitter, a high density floppy drive, more sprites, more sound channels and some fast RAM. Plus it was released too late.

Well, i dont think the Mega Drive or The Snes had something like LIONHEART !!!

(and i know every Mega Drive game and SNES game - besides homebrew)
(Panorama Cotton/Flink is pretty much the best on Mega Drive & Rendering Ranger/Donkey Kong Country are pretty much the best on SNES)

This games where awesome !!! ( and both have some things, the amiga 500 dont have & vice versa )

BUT if you think of how old the OCS/ECS chipset is
and what it can do its pretty mindblowing.

No game on SNES or on Mega Drive have
THAT much colors as LIONHEART.

Just saying, there are places in Lionheart that have thousands of colors on screen ,,, pretty amazing stuff.

But i give you that, the A-1200 was to late and underpowerd.

AND i love my Mega Drive & SNES just to make that clear, and both learned A LOT from the AMIGA !!!
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