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Originally Posted by invent View Post
I have been looking recently too at what games would be nice to port/redo on the Amiga.

The "PC engine" always looked like an interesting platform.

I did a quick conversion of the graphics from the game "field Runners 2" on the iPad and in 320x256x 32 colours, even 16 colours came out surprisingly well, happy to post these test. The nice thing out FD2 is the game has no scrolling

Of course any game on the C64, Amstrad CPC would be fun too
Galahad was looking for Mac stuff due to it being 68000 based so you can more easily port rather than completely rewrite (or emulate). That's the reason why i suggested Megadrive - it's also 68000 based. Although as WayneK pointed out many titles would be beyond what a stock A500 (and probably stock A1200) could manage.
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