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I like Mr Beanbag but it makes me feel kind of dizzy after a while of playing. Something about the way the screen scrolls when jumping, like it stays fixed on the player rather than following him gracefully. Sonic was able to do fast scrolling without making me dizzified somehow whereas Mr Beanbag makes my eyes hurt. It's a great game though, that's my only minor gameplay complaint.

Yeah there's nothing wrong with the Amiga, it was way ahead of its time,
I agree back when it came out it was a leader, but by the time the two big 16bit consoles came out it was looking dated in the graphics power department and sound channel department. Too many tricks were needed to make Amiga do things like a console and they never came off as looking as good. Probably lack of on screen color pallette, especially when combined with parallax (see Kid Chaos for example) and lack of hardware sprites (+ they were often being used for backgrounds).

Amiga 1200 was a leap closer to the consoles. But it needed faster blitter, a high density floppy drive, more sprites, more sound channels and some fast RAM. Plus it was released too late.
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