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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
I don't think so as I actually have the same opinion.

I liked my A1200 when I bought it back in 1992 but rose-tinted glasses aside it was nothing more than a "pimped" A500 with a faster CPU and more bitplanes.

68030 CPUs were rather cheap in 1992 already so they could have (optionally) used that one instead of the 68020. The biggest mistake IMHO though was to sell it without any fastram. 32 bit CPU and chipram only sure makes sense, not! There should have been a better/faster blitter and also a hardware c2p since bitplane mode is way too slow when dealing with 8 bitplanes. And good old Paula definitely should have been improved too!
So you are saying you'd rather that all of these things were included but at a higher price point?
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