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Originally Posted by davideo View Post
Forgive me for asking but what was it written in?
The original "prototype" scrolling platform demo was written in AMOS Pro, then gradually all converted into Asm.

Originally Posted by Nibbler View Post
I know, BUT B.C KID was even BETTER than the original !!!
That proves the point; if it done right , the Amiga could do it all
Yeah there's nothing wrong with the Amiga, it was way ahead of its time, i still don't think anyone has really pushed it to its limit yet. Until there was serious competition from the 16 bit consoles, i think most games designers were more influenced by games on 8-bit home computers. Factor 5 are quite obviously inspired more by Japanese arcade titles.

In fact in the early days of the Amiga, the 8-bit home computers were still popular in Europe and the US so games were still being developed for them, Amiga titles were often only the "Amiga version" of C64 games, so they were designed with much lower specifications in mind. They managed to do even Turrican II for the C64.

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