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Infact I *completely agree* with you and with your answer UberFreak, as I said there's NO KILLER, simply because we're speaking about two different products with two different target users.. there's for sure an overlap in the potential market and so there will be probably a certain influence of the units sold for UK1541 on the numbers of units sold of UII, this because users searching *only* for true drive emulation and wishing to spend less will probably buy UK1541 and will no longer be buying UII, for sure advanced users however will continue to buy UII since it does have functionalities UK1541 will never have in its current HW implementation.

This anyway is not a comparison on UK1541 being better or worse than UII is simply saying that they have a different target user and an area of overlap that before was served only by UII and now will be served by both.

My personal interest, for example, actually is not in the true drive emulation because in my experience I did not find so many games that were not running on sd2iec. Usually there's always a cracked version of the protected game that works also on sd2iec, so I would never buy a card like UK1541 for this reason. I will buy it because it's interesting for me at the HW level, but this is a totally different ball game. If I was for example a demo enthusiast for me buying UK1541 would have been an absolute MUST since demos are typically not running on sd2iec. I bought UII half for (again) the interest I have in this kind of HW (It was also a very unlucky period and I had to wait from Christmas to Jun to have it !!) and half because of its advanced functions that, since I'm a developer, are coming in handy from time to time. So each user is unique.
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