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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Cool Is The Rule Disk 1 Intro (Intro) by The Silents ->

Tested on A500 KS1.2 OCS configs !? ... the problem = dashes (see on picture).

Note: if press F12 and change OCS to ECS Agnus = no dashes (but this is not a std. KS1.2 config)

also, it wont work on A1000 KS1.2 (rev.33.166) OCS config. !? (but it works with KS1.2 rev.33.180 = same KS used for A500 config)
A1000 (with A500 KS 1.2 kick disk, demo has direct rom jump which makes it A500 1.2 only) confirmed. Didn't bother to try KS 1.2 ROM in A500.
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