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Issues with OpenBSD

I noticed a possible problem with GVP controller emulation and OpenBSD (with the OpenBSD HDF I uploaded a while ago). There may also be an issue with A2091 emulation.

With GVP controller, sometimes OpenBSD reports sc_clkfreq: 7.2MHz but other times (maybe depending on whether Z2 RAM is configured?) is reports 14.3MHz instead. The boot process always hangs after output like
Allocating 6 bounce at 1c2fcc

Booting an A4000/040/A2091 config seems to sometimes hang, with the last OpenBSD console output being:
sbicgo: HELP! no bounce allocated for 6
xfer: (0x35e034->0x6522034,20)
alloc CHIP target 6 bounce pa 0x0x1c2fcc
Allocating 6 bounce at 1c2fcc
sbicgo: done & stat = 0xff
sbicgo: done & stat = 0xff
10 views configured
rootdev=0x400 rrootdev=0x800 rawdev=0x802
sbicgo: done & stat = 0xff

Other times it does boot successfully to the login prompt. Whether the sbicgo: done & stat = 0xff messages appear might depend on whether the CPU More compatible option is selected.

Also, if you change the config to have 8MB Z2 RAM (no motherboard or Z3) and run loadbsd, WinUAE reports CPU halted: reason = 1
But that may well happen on real hardware; I doubt any of the developers tested OpenBSD with only Z2 fast RAM.
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